Veterinary Services

Pet Surgery

There are certain times when medical treatment must extend beyond the exam room and into the operating room.

Our veterinarians are skilled and proficient in the operating room. We understand that seconds can make a difference, so we always have an operating room and veterinarian available for you. We have radiology, ultrasound, and other diagnostic equipment on-site so that we can get a clear picture of what’s truly going on with your pet.

Pet Surgery in Sarasota, FL

If you need a surgeon, you will get a surgeon.

We understand that when your pet is injured or becomes ill, you need access to experienced surgeons who can provide the highest level of care. Our team of surgeons are available during business hours to provide the care your pet needs. We offer emergency surgery for pets who have been in accidents or who have ingested foreign objects. Pet owners can rest assured that their pet will receive the best possible care at KindVet of Sarasota.

Types of Procedures Offered

Urinary Obstructions
Being unable to urinate is painful and very quickly can become fatal. Most often animals will seem like they are trying to pee every few minutes with nothing or only drops coming out. Sometimes straining to urinate may be just as simple as an infection, but if your animal is blocked, waste products and toxins start building up in the bloodstream. This is when things get serious, fortunately, pets will show lots of signs if this is happening: animals will stop eating, some start vomiting, and they become very lethargic. You should diagnose this quickly and get your companion in for an emergency un-blocking procedure.
For many people, having their beloved pet break a bone, get hit by a car, or be the victim of a dog attack will be the toughest thing they can watch their pet go through. Most of the time, you will know right away when something like this happens and will be able to bring your animal to the vet to repair the wounds you can see. Your vet will check for additional internal injuries that might be just as serious as the external ones.
Foreign Body
Our pets are quirky, and lots of them will munch, shred, and gnaw on things that shouldn’t be eaten. If your pet is vomiting multiple times a day or multiple days in a row, if they refuse to eat despite normally being a chowhound, or are acting painful (lethargic, hunching, panting), you might be looking at an intestinal blockage. These can be very serious and need a vet to diagnose and treat, usually with surgery.
A pyometra is a uterine infection and can be one of the trickiest emergencies for owners to spot. If the pyometra is draining, you’ll notice a smelly, pus-like discharge from the vulva. Many dogs with a pyo don’t have this drainage, so it’s important to monitor appetite and energy, which will drop during this infection. With bloodwork and x-rays, your vet should be able to determine if an emergency spay is needed to get rid of the infection. Of course, we recommend getting your dog spayed before she gets a pyometra to eliminate that risk.